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We live in a big place.

About My Rides

When I'm not programming you can usually stumble upon me riding my bike.

I ride nearby home, anywhere across the country I live or way beyond its borders. What pleases me most are, in no particular order: the people and their culture, landscapes and obviously just to ride. We live in a big place after all.

Besides riding I also do my own research, engineering, mechanics, training, planning, filmmaking and such. I really enjoy all the side activities to safely ride a motorcycle around.

You can download the tracks for some of these rides on my Wikiloc profile.


Sometimes I shot my adventures. Feel free to watch them here or in your favorite screen using this playlist.


Morungaba-Serra Negra over Back Roads

08/05/2021, 206 km on Faf's.
Tracks: part #1, part #2

Poor Man's VMAS

19-22/07/2018, Joanópolis-SP, 261 km on Leandra.

Guaraú Beach

05-09/07/2018, Peruíbe-SP, 459 km on Leandra.

10th VMAS

31/05-03/06/2018, Ipeúna-SP, 271 km on Leandra.

Returning from Zé Roque

22/04/2018, Joanópolis-SP, 132 km on Leandra.

Camping at Zé Roque

20-22/04/2018, Joanópolis-SP on Leandra.

Going to Zé Roque

20/04/2018, Joanópolis-SP, 136 km on Leandra.

Returning from Analândia-SP

21/01/2018, 239 km on Leandra.

Saltão Waterfall, Itirapina-SP

20/01/2018, 100 km on Leandra.

Going to Analândia-SP

19/01/2018, 150 km on Leandra.

Across the Country

Serra da Canastra-MG and Pirenópolis-GO

28/08 to 25/09/2021, 3.380 km on Faf's.

Returning from Urubici-SC

11-12/05/2018, 973 km on Leandra.

Urubici-SC to the North

10/05/2018, 79 km on Leandra.

Urubici-SC to the South

09/05/2018, 69 km on Leandra.

Going to Urubici-SC, SRR and SCB

05-08/05/2018, 1.402 km on Leandra.

Returning from Piracanjuba-GO

02-03/01/2018, 763 km on Leandra.

Going to Goiânia-GO

17-18/12/2017, 856 km on Leandra.