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Building software and services for humans.


My name is Deny Dias (a.k.a. @denydias) and I build software and services for humans.

Currently I hold the chief of product and operations position at eDok.

In a sentence: I'm what people call a full-stack software developer, a DevOp or whatever the hype word for someone who masters the whole tech cycle may be.

I'm specialist at systems design, specification, development, deployment and the life-cycle of mission critical operations, both on-premise and in the cloud. I have a solid career in streaming media and digital asset management segments, with emphasis on massive content acquisition, processing, storage, reuse and distribution. I also have huge experience with many IT infrastructure related areas.

My (non-exhaustive) skill set at a glance:

Sociopolitical Views

As the society becomes increasingly fractured into factions, I think it's important for people to disclose their sociopolitical views.

On Jan'21, that's me on the subject:

PS: regarding COVID-19 pandemic, I stand beside all WHO recommendations. I TRULY follow each and every one of them. As for the deniers, they are just plain stupid and deserve no attention from me.